Print the Entire Norwegian Textile Letter Issue

Nov2013coverOn the Archives page, there is now an option to print all of the articles in the current issue, at one time.  The result is not a beautiful layout; it is generated programatically with a plugin for the magazine software.  Professional print layout will require many more than the three hours of programming for this solution.  In future issues, look for print layout as an added, fee-based feature.  In the meantime, I hope this helps.


Robbie LaFleur


3 thoughts on “Print the Entire Norwegian Textile Letter Issue

  1. Lucy Hansen

    This is great Robbie! I also really appreciate having access to the old issues since I am a relatively new member. I think the link is broken for vol. I No. 3. All that will come up are the comments everyone is making. Thanks for all your work!

    1. Post author

      Hello Lucy, Thanks for the heads up on the problem with that issue. Indeed, the pdf file had become un-linked (Why had it changed? It’s a mystery!), but it is now fixed.

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