May Issue; Vesterheim Tour

The new issue of the Norwegian Textile Letter will be posted soon, a celebration of the Archives.  The full archives of Volumes 1 – 19 will be available online.  A few NTL readers may have read every issue and have them easily at hand in binders, but for most people, the new full online archive will be like getting MANY new issues, all in one swoop.  It is interesting to see how much content is available on various techniques.  For example, a compilation of all articles on ryas is 50 pages long!  Look for that compilation as a special feature in the new issue, too.  (And forgive my delay – your editor gravely underestimated the time required for the full scanning project, with all of the file size issues and data entry required.)

But for now – here are details (those that are known) on the next Vesterheim Norwegian textile Tour, sent by Laurann Gilbertson at Vesterheim.

Vesterheim Norwegian-American Museum is pleased to announce a Textile Study Tour to North Norway in mid May 2015.

This tour will focus on the textiles and traditions of both coastal Norway and the Sámi people. Learn about weaving, knitting, sewing, and folk costumes while traveling through Norway’s northernmost counties, with stops in Tromsø, Samuelsberg, Alta, Máze, and Kautokeino. There will be special opportunities to learn about Sámi duodji (functional items made beautiful) and to try your hand at several textile techniques. We will also celebrate Syttende Mai, Norwegian Constitution Day, with parades, music, and beautiful national costumes.

I’ve attached some basic information (2015 Tour Flyer) to tide you over until complete details (itinerary, price, dates) are ready.  If you would like to guarantee a spot on the tour, you should fill out the Early Deposit Form  (2015 Tour Deposit Form) and return it to the museum with $500 per person.  Then you will have until November 15, 2014, to formally register or request a full refund on the deposit.

You may also access the information and form on Vesterheim’s website.

I will send you the itinerary, price, and dates as soon as they become available, which we hope will be late summer.

Thank you for your interest!