The November issue is live

From the Editor’s Note:

God jul!

As the editor, I considered each of these articles as gifts – I hope you do, too.

We may all have to add band weaving to our New Year’s resolutions; Heather Torgenrud’s new book will be out this month to inspire and instruct us.

Or maybe you will be inspired to weave a new piece on a warp-weighted loom after reading about Marta Kløve Juuhl’s exploration of diamond twill.

This issue inaugurates a new series.  Occasionally we will publish the story of a “fabulous find,” a Scandinavian textile that has been found and and now preserved and loved.  We’ve all heard stories of marvelous runners or coverlets or tapestries found in a pile of textiles in an antique store or thrift shop, or handed over from a distant relative, or at the bottom of a box at an estate auction.  The thrill is in the find.  To share those stories, and display our finds online, I’ll continue to search out stories and images of “fabulous finds” to share.  Do you have one?  This series will serve as a virtual exhibit of the beautiful Scandinavian textiles we have in our homes.  They may never be displayed in a museum or gallery, but they will be shared and appreciated within our Norwegian Textile Letter community.

Robbie LaFleur

4 thoughts on “The November issue is live

  1. Cynthia Harris

    Robbie, thank you for such a wonderful textile letter. Am planning an outing to Decorah to pick up the new band weaving book. Also especially loved the warp weighted diamond twill historical weaving article. Thank you!

  2. Veronna Capone

    What a delight! Thank you, both for the content of this issue and getting it to us today–full moon and warming weather, arrival of Väv magazine this week– its great to get another good gift. You do great work and lots of it, thank you Robbie.

  3. Veronna Capone

    Another question-where will Heather’s book be released? Can we find it only online or at WGM, perhaps Vesterhiem? A band weaving book recently reviewed by Becky’s VavStuga was ‘Eesti Kirivööd’ by Pila Rand. The photos are really good, lots of patterns of intricate bands but all in the Estonian language! I’m looking forward to Heather’s book in English.

    1. Post author

      When the book is available, it will be for sale at the Vesterheim gift shop, according to Laurann Gilbertson. Also, Heather will be teaching at Vesterheim next fall. That will be a great opportunity for us here in the Midwest.

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