The new issue of the Norwegian Textile Letter is now up at

With the death of Lila Nelson, we wanted to wait until the celebration of Lila Nelson’s life was held at the Textile Center on June 26. I was amazed at the varied and interesting reminiscences of Lila’s life.  It was as if the speakers arranged ahead of time to present a perfectly balanced view of Lila’s life and accomplishments.  We did not!

For those of you in the wide-flung network of Lila fans who were not able to join us, I hope you enjoy these stories. I can’t capture the other aspects of the event that were meaningful – the true sense of fellowship in Lila, the delight in being together.  There was great food, too, and lovely flowers donated by the Textile Center, the Norwegian Consulate, and Francie Iverson.

In addition to the celebration of Lila’s life, this issue also includes three articles about aspects of the most recent Vesterheim tour to Norway.  Those stories are yet another celebration of Lila’s legacy, as she was instrumental in starting the tours many years ago.  There will be more articles inspired by the tour in the August issue of the Norwegian Textile Letter, too.

God sommer.