The Norwegian Textile Letter: Special Double Issue on Danskbrogd

The first and second issues of Volume 22 of the Norwegian Textile Letter will soon be ready. Two issues will come out next month, on August 1 and August 22, on a special theme: Danskbrogd.

Danskbrogd is a little-known weave structure found in a small area of Vest Agder, Norway, with characteristic geometric patterns in a light color against a dark background.  The most typical variant has bands of small danskbrogd designs interspersed with bands of krokbragd.  The designs are picked up in an open krokbragd shed.


A second style has larger, bolder designs that are picked up on a tabby shed.  These plain weave designs are bordered with bands of teeth and stripes.


The issues will include a compilation of photos of danskbrogd coverlets from the Vest Agder Museum in Krisiansand, Norway.  In the United States, Lila Nelson is credited for spreading the word about the technique, and we will see how she used the technique both in a traditional format and as a way to enhance her expressive tapestries.  There will be an article on a danskbrogd coverlet at Vesterhheim, a reproduction of the chapter on danskbrogd from Kay Larson’s book The Coverlets of Norway, and an instructional article on the technique by Jan Mostrom.  And more.

These issues will be a feast for your eyes, and inspiration for weavers to try the technique.

The second issue will include a gallery of contemporary interpretations of danskbrogd. Have you woven a danskbrogd piece I could include?  Please send photos and background information to me by August 15 at