Danskbrogd, Part Two: The New Issue of the Norwegian Textile Letter is Live

The new issue of the Norwegian Textile Letter is Live, the second issue devoted to Norwegian danskbrogd, a technique mainly found in the area of Vest Agder.  In this issue, the focus shifts from design aspects to learning how to weave the technique.


Publishing these two issues, and pulling together all of the information I could find on the technique, has been partially self-serving.  I had seen the notebooks, and seen pieces done by contemporary weavers, but hadn’t tried danskbrogd myself.  I was not a participant in the study groups that investigated danskbrogd in the 1990s — I wanted that notebook, too!  So now after many hours of scanning and compiling and using a lot of printer ink, I have my own notebook, and about ten inches woven on a text danskbrogd piece.  I hope that others will be inspired to weave danskbrogd — I see an exhibit in the future!

I love these X designs.  Happy reading and weaving, Robbie LaFleur