The Norwegian Textile Letter: Armchair Travel for the Holidays

I need to visit this coaster weaving in Norway

I need to visit this monster weaving in Norway

Armchair travel is the theme of this quarter’s Norwegian Textile Letter, with visits to wonderful Scandinavian textiles in Minneapolis, Minnesota;  Decorah, Iowa; and Osterøy, Norway.

If you are in Minneapolis before the end of 2016, be sure to stop by the Weavers Guild of Minnesota to see the beautiful textiles featured in the “Historical Scandinavian Textiles Exhibit.”   This was a test exhibit, in a way.  We know that there are many more treasures on the walls and in the cupboards of our Scandinavian Weavers Study Group — and of the readers of the Norwegian Textile Letter!  If you have a Scandinavian textile and story (and photos) to share with fellow readers, let me know. I will plan a future digital exhibit for the newsletter.

If you have ideas for articles for the NTL, or would like to write one yourself, please let me know.

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buzzFinally, publishing this digital newsletter has been a labor of love for the past three years.

While the NTL was a print publication, it had nearly 200 devoted readers.  Now over 800 people receive notices about each new issue.  Our readership is growing. In 2013 there was a total of 2,982 views of the newsletter online.  In 2015, there were 26,623 views. With one more issue to go in 2016, here have been over 24,000 views.

Largely because I wanted to concentrate on building readership and sharing the writing and work of many talented weavers and writers, and not spend time collecting annual dues (formerly, it cost $15/year), it has been free of charge. A modest nest egg from the print days paid for the initial web hosting and website theme charges. I would love to keep the newsletter free of charge and free of advertising. To that end, I added a “buy now” button to the sidebar of the newsletter, and will accept support for ongoing publishing with gratitude!  Thank you for your interest in the newsletter these past years.

Happy holidays and gledelig jul! The photo is of my cat Buzz atop my Christmas runner experiment from last year.

Robbie LaFleur

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  1. Pernille villumsen

    I love to read your newsletter. I am a Danish weaver and find it very interesting to learn about your great interest in the Scandinavian Textile traditions and upcoming trends. I do not know How to send money to you unless I have to pay a huge fee. I do hope that I will be abel to follow you in the .Future.
    Kind regards

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