The Norwegian Textile Letter, Volume 32, Number 1

The February 2017 issue is up.  It was delayed because I am waiting for another wonderful article, a reprint I received permission to share.  (And I was amazed–I only asked because it never hurts to try, right?) The pdf was promised to arrive this week, but when it did not come by today, I decided to share the rest of the great articles, and let you know when the other article is added. As a hint, the header for this issue is a clue.

arvestykker-rotatorFor now, you can feel the same “Darn, I wish I could have been there” feeling I did, when I learned of a wonderful exhibit of the work of tapestry artist Brita Been.  After reading the remarks from the opening by Karianne H. Sand, be sure to explore Brita Been’s website, linked at the bottom of the article.

drapedMany of us have admired traditional red-and-white woven Scandinavian bands. Now you can learn more about their use in christening ceremonies, in Lisa-Anne Bauch’s paper, “Threads of Devotion: Possible Medieval Origins of Nordic Christening Bands.”  Lisa said that she was inspired to undertake her study after seeing a basket, christening blanket, and bands in a display at the American Swedish Institute.  You can learn a bit more about that display, too.

Finally, I was excited to receive more photos from Marta Kløve Juuhl of the “monster weaving” at the Østeroy Museum; it has now reached the ceiling.  I certainly hope to see it in person someday soon.

Marta Kløve Juuhl under the Norwegian star

Marta Kløve Juuhl under the Norwegian star

You’ll hear from me again as soon as I have the other article to share with you.  Be sure to comment on any of the content in this issue, and let me know if there are articles you would like to see written, or that you would like to write.

Hilsen, Robbie LaFleur