Wisdom and Folly: Norwegian Pictorial Coverlets


My inadequate Iphone copy of a page from the article

This is the reprint I was waiting for! I have a passion for tapestry, and particularly the Norwegian billedvev tradition.  Last month, while examining tapestries at Vesterheim Norwegian American Museum, Curator Laurann Gilbertson mentioned this article and she pulled up the 1998 issue of HALI Magazine from their library.  I was amazed at the lovely illustrations and thought the article was so thorough and interesting. A couple of weeks later I thought it would be so nice to share the article with NTL readers, and even though I did NOT think I would get permission to reprint it, I received a positive response.  Please enjoy “Wisdom and Folly: Norwegian Pictorial Coverlets” by Jo Nilsson from the January 1998 issue of HALI Magazine.

View the article here.  Check out the entire issue here.

If you’d like to read more about my day with the tapestries at Vesterheim, here’s a post from my blog about a charming tapestry with food.

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