New Issue of the Norwegian Textile Letter Online

Editor’s note: With apologies, the August, 2017, issue of the Norwegian Textile Letter is now online. Nearly completed on time, it was set aside while I completed preparations for a four-day billedvev (Norwegian tapestry) workshop at Vesterheim. What an energizing set of nine students I had; you can read more about the class here. It was successful, and had a waiting list, so it will be repeated at Vesterheim next September. Official details will be posted later this year.

This issue highlights the 2017 Vesterheim Norwegian-American Museum Textile Tour to Denmark and Norway.  It was the first time the tour included stops in Denmark. The header for this issue includes details from monumental tapestries in Christiansborg Palace in Copenhagen. We toured the Royal Reception Rooms to get an overview of 1,100 years of Danish history through the tapestries designed by Bjorn Nørgaard, which depict scenes from Viking times to today and were presented to Queen Margrethe II for her fiftieth birthday in 1990. It was great fun to examine the tapestries to find interesting details like the Queen’s dog, the Beatles, Albert Einstein, or a number of lions. Enjoy the tour recap and the articles about just a few of the places we visited.

This issue includes the annual article about weavings exhibited at the National Exhibition of Folk Art in the Norwegian Tradition at the Vesterheim Norwegian-American Museum.  It is always inspiring to see the pieces and appreciate the work that goes into their creation.  This year, new entrant Andrea Myklebust submitted a linen runner woven with linen weft that she grew and spun herself.  Interest in spinning and weaving with linen is increasing here in the Midwest; I’ll bet that next year there will be even more linen weaving in the Norwegian tradition included in this newsletter.