Editor’s Letter: The New Digital Format

Even though the shiny new digital Norwegian Textile Letter (NTL) now includes numerous color photos and is easily available to a potentially huge audience, the lack of a print edition is still a bit of a loss.  So to those of you who enjoy print magazines and newsletters (and I am one!), I hope the benefits of the new format will win you over.

With each new issue of the NTL, a few more older issues will appear on the Archives page.  Maybe you are one of the NTL readers who has subscribed since 1994 – there are many!  If so, your comments and memories and updates would be great to hear.  For those of you who are new to the newsletter, it should be like Christmas every quarter – with many new issues to read. The first two volumes are available now.

There are a few ways I hope you respond to this new issue.  Read it and enjoy (and comment!). Subscribe.  Let others know about the newsletter. Volunteer to write an article for an upcoming issue, or just as important, suggest what you would like to read or know about.

Happy holidays to everyone.

Robbie LaFleur


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