Editor’s Note: A Celebration of the NTL Archives

As your editor, I apologize for the delay in publishing this issue.  The content is worth it!  All twenty volumes of the Norwegian Textile Letter are now online.

Many articles are promised for future issues. Among others, you can look forward to articles on unexpected textile treasures from flea markets and antique stores, more articles on Norwegian textile artists, a review of Norwegian yarn sources, a report on this year’s National Exhibition on Folk Arts in the Norwegian Tradition, and an article on using an easily-made backstrap loom for teaching krokbragd and other techniques to college students.

vol2no2When I realized all the articles were for future issues, and Issue Number 3 was thin, I decided to scan all of the earlier years of the Norwegian Textile Letter. That means if you are a recent subscriber, you have many years of articles to enjoy, all in one fell swoop.  But, as often happens, I underestimated how time-consuming the scanning and publishing task would be. Then, unexpectedly, I took a six-to-eight month position as the Education Coordinator of the Weavers Guild of Minnesota, stepping in to help until our Managing Director, Becky Franklin has her baby and then returns from maternity leave.  I will work myself out of the job when a permanent Education Coordinator is hired, and best of all, have enough money to go on the Textile Tour to northern Norway next May!


“Oak Leaf” by Laura Demuth

Once I realized that it is daunting to open all the older issues in pdf format and read through them, I thought it would be nice to put together some compilations on articles on various topics.  And what could be more perfect this summer than rya? It ties in nicely with the exhibit of Finnish ryijys at the American Swedish Institute, and the accompanying exhibit of ryas done by local artists.  We planned to include a review of the ASI Ryijy show in the August issue, but since I had many notes from the opening of the show, I wrote them up now.  I hope the article entices any NTL readers who have not seen the show, and can possibly make it to Minneapolis, to visit and see Dr. Toumas Sopanen’s fabulous collection.

This issue’s header is made of photos of Nancy Ellison’s Icelandic ram.  I feel the need to visit Nancy’s farm at least once each year.  All the sheep were skinny and sheared the day before my visit, except these two, which Nancy planned to tackle soon after.

Robbie LaFleur

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