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Virgin Tapestries and the Bridal Theme

What was the meaning of the Wise and Foolish Virgins image, the most popular motif in Norwegian medieval tapestry? Read Randi Nygaard Lium’s expert analysis, which appeared in her new book, Tekstilkunst i Norge (Textile Art in Norway).

Nettles – For Clothing and Much More

Historically, stinging nettles have been valuable as forage and medicine, but Annemor Sundbø investigated them as fibers for spinning and weaving. Did you know that weaving nettles is mentioned in a Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale?

A Wonderful Scanian Art Weaves Adventure

Edi Thorstensson provides an introduction to the adventure enjoyed by several American weavers in the summer of 2017, a wonderful Swedish weaving course taught by Gunvor Johansson in Landskrona, Sweden.

Weaving the Art Weaves of Skåne

Jan Mostrom describes the Swedish Art Weaves course, dense with inspiration and instruction, Rölakan, krabbasnår, halvkrabba and dukagång techniques were woven to create a sampler of techniques.

Inspiration, Outreach, and Connection

Melba Granlund relates her excitement after communicating with the Skåne Hemslöjd to set up the Swedish Art Weaves class, which lived up to every expectation and more.

Gunvor Johansson’s Exhibit at Bosjökloster

Student Mary Erickson said the exhibit “gave me a rare opportunity for an understanding of place and history of weaving that I could not have experienced on my own.”

Fika and the Joy of Lingonberry Cake

Mary Skoy loves the total experience of attending a weaving workshop, not just time on the loom. She discovered, “In Sweden, it seems, fika is something to look forward to, not a grab-and-go and on-to-the-next-thing moment.”