A Treasure of Danskbrogd Coverlets from the Vest Agder Museum

The Vest Agder Museum in Kristiansand, Norway, granted permission for the Norwegian Textile Letter to publish a document including images and descriptions of many danskbrogd coverlets from their collection. Conservator Tonje Tjøtte reported that these photographs, from the 1980s, are still the best available.  Museum staff members are in the midst of a digitization project covering all of their artifacts, but they have not begun the textile collection yet.  The first image below is the information sheet for the coverlet shown in color in the second image.  Following that are six coverlet images in color.  If you would like to see the information sheets and photos for all seven coverlets, together in one document, open the pdf document here. Photos within the article are low resolution; printed images will be clearer from the pdf document.



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